How much of the swaps market is traded as an OIS?

We summarise the portion of risk that is traded as OIS across seven major markets. Benchmark reforms around the globe are helping transition trading away from Libor into Risk Free Rates. We monitor the progression of these reforms by looking at how much risk is trading in OIS products. How popular are OIS? Clarus use our data products, […]

Swaps Data: OTC Margin Up, Futures Margin Down

My monthly Swaps Review in Risk Magazine looks at the most recent CPMI-IOSCO Quantitative Disclosures by Clearing Houses for Interest Rate Swaps, Credit Default Swaps and Futures and Options Showing strong year-on-year growth in each of these, except the last. I also look at the trend in client IM at LCH SwapClear and the maximum Variation margin call […]