Portfolio Conversion of Libor to RFR trades

The closer we get to year end 2021, the more important the question of what will happen to existing LIBOR Swaps when and if LIBOR is no longer published or declared a non-compliant benchmark by the regulator. One approach is ISDA’s work on new Fallback language in the 2006 Definitions (see Libor Fallbacks: What will […]

Potential Mechanics of Cross Currency Swaps and RFRs

As references to Libor declines ahead of 2021 and the use of Risk Free Rates (RFRs) increases, derivatives will have to adapt. So in this blog I will look at the cross-currency swaps and the choices needed to move to RFRs. Cross currency swaps can behave quite differently to single currency swaps and I will […]

USD SOFR Volumes April 2019

Is USD SOFR trading becoming a real thing now? We use CCPView, SDRView and Clarus Microservices to measure activity levels. We find a record amount of risk traded in April 2019 versus SOFR. We also see Compression activity of back-dated trades in SOFR. Read on to find out more details. SOFR Volumes April 2019 You […]

SOFR Impacts From Liquidity Spikes

The Clarus website has a very interesting free service under the LOGIN tab called ‘Term RFRs’. This shows the compounded RFRs for the fixing date (yesterday) looking back overnight, 1, 2, 3 and 6 months for SOFR (USD), SONIA (GBP), TONA (JPY) and AONIA (AUD). This blog will look at the compounded SOFR rates for […]

Ameribor: The $1.5bn Index That You Need to Know About

Ameribor is an index of overnight unsecured lending taking place across the CBOE platform AFX. It is mainly concerned with the interbank market between smaller, regional US banks. We take a look at the rate versus Fed Funds and some possible uses. Introducing Ameribor I will try to do Ameribor justice in this post. But […]

NOK Rates – NIBOR and NOWA

I wrote about Scandie swaps in October 2018. In that blog I noted that OIS doesn’t really trade. This hasn’t changed in the interim period – SDRView shows just the occasional DKK OIS trade reported. We did, however, see some SEK OIS cleared at Nasdaq OMX in April via CCPView: Generally, it remains true to […]

Libor Fallbacks – What will the AUD BBSW Spread be?

In his recent blog Chris looked at Libor Fallbacks and the GBP Spread, so I thought it would be interesting to look at the spread for AUD. As we know, the first amendments to the ISDA 2006 Definitions are expected in 3rd quarter of 2019 and include fallback changes for GBP, CHF, JPY and AUD. So it is timely to look at the potential spread implications for AUD BBSW, to add to the work done on the GBP Libor.

€STR – What You Need to Know

€STR (né ESTER) will be the Risk Free Rate (RFR) for EUR markets. Publication begins 2nd October 2019. The ECB will provide a calculation of the spread between €STR and EONIA. The spread is likely to be around 8.7 basis points. What You Need to Know about €STR (ESTER) Some of our readers may be […]

LIBOR Fallbacks – What will the GBP spread be?

We take a look at historic data for SONIA and GBP LIBOR. ISDA’s work on LIBOR fallbacks allows us to look into the potential values of the historic spread. We compare to the forward-looking LIBOR-OIS spreads to the backward looking compounded RFR values. Initial analysis shows that the look-back period will be an important consideration. […]