Benchmarks in times of high volatility

Important current benchmarks like LIBOR, other IBORs and ICE SwapRate can have challenging characteristics during periods of high volatility. In some cases, price discovery can be difficult, which can be costly for some users and conversely rewarding for others. In this blog I will look at a few of the current benchmarks and some of […]

SONIA Update

70% of GBP risk transacted last week was in SONIA. Just 7.6% of GBP notional cleared at LCH SwapClear was in LIBOR last week. In these extremely volatile markets, much of this activity is due to large amounts of short-dated risk trading. 91% of SONIA risk was in short-dated tenors (2 years and shorter). There […]

‘Dear CEO’ letters to Asset Management Firms

On the 27th February 2020, the UK FCA wrote to asset management firms to emphasise the need to prepare for LIBOR to likely become unusable after December 2021. This extended previous ‘Dear CEO’ letters from 2018 to major banks and insurers and was designed to ensure firms are well prepared for LIBOR cessation. As we […]


Today has been circled in the calendar for a while now. Monday 2nd March is intended to see a change in GBP swap markets. From now on, the market convention should be to trade SONIA swaps instead of LIBOR. We covered the original announcement in this blog. 19:24 London Final post for this live blog. […]

Trading RFRs

Clarus will be talking about trading RFRs at the ISDA/SIFMA AMG Benchmark Strategies Forum 2020 in London next week, February 26th 2020. For more information on the event and to register, please check out the event details page. It is free to attend for the buyside. Among the topics, you will hear our thoughts on: RFR […]

Spotlight on RFR Swaps

As the spotlight turns to RFR Swaps, in a “will they won’t they take off and replace Libor”, we have added new RFR views in most of our data products, to help answer that question. Today I will use SDRView Researcher and our new IBOR-RFR view to shine a spotlight on RFR Swaps. RFR Swaps […]

Risk Free Rates Trading January 2020

We look at the percentage of notional and risk that is traded as an OIS swap across six currencies. 55% of GBP trading activity when measured by risk (DV01) is currently transacted versus SONIA (OIS). Just 16% of USD trading activity is transacted as an OIS when measured by risk. AUD markets are leading the […]

NOK Rates: What You Need to NOWA

Following on from the surprise entry of our NOK Rates blog in the Top 10 Clarus blogs of 2019, it is high time I updated it with both a look at whether OIS is trading yet and what has happened in the world of NOWA since we last wrote about it in April 2019. And […]

Moving from Libor to SOFR/SONIA – Buyside Considerations

2020 is shaping up to be an important year for the development of markets in SONIA and SOFR. Recently on 21st November in a speech the FCA outlined plans to accelerate development of SONIA markets during 2020. Although plans are well advanced, the markets are still developing liquidity in longer-dated derivatives. I recently looked at […]