Real-time reporting of Swap transactions in SDR View

London, September 4, 2013 – Clarus Financial Technology today announced the release of SDR View Professional, a new version of its Swaps Data Repository viewer application.

The DTCC DDR real-time dissemination dashboard has been publicly reporting all OTC Derivatives transactions that are required to be reported under the Dodd-Frank Act.

Until recently all trades were reported with a delay of 30 minutes from execution time, because the block trade rule was not final.

However starting in August 2013, this rule was finalised and only block trades are now subject to the time delay. This means that all other trades need to be reported to an SDR and publicly disseminated by the SDR as “soon as technologically practicable”.

Amir Khwaja, CEO of Clarus Financial Technology explains, “With the start of real-time public price dissemination, we have created a new version of our SDR View application. This version is targeted at professionals that need to know as soon as possible what trades have been executed and at what price and in what size.”

“So if you are a trader at a sell-side firm and have just provided a firm quote to a counterparty and not been dealt, you can use SDR View to quickly check whether that trade actually executed and at what price. Great feedback to inform your next price making decision”.

“Or indeed if you are a client and have executed a swap with a dealer, you can use SDR View to check whether the dealer hedged his exposure and at what price? Great input for your next price negotiation with the same dealer”.

SDR View is available in a free to use Personal version and as a 30-day free trial for a monthly subscription of the more advanced Researcher and Professional versions.

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