About Our Data Products

Only a few years ago, the OTC markets were bereft of data.  Understanding this opaque market required one to have a relationship with a broker or an active participant, who ultimately knew only a thin sliver of the market, whichever world they were involved in.  Failing that, there were a few industry organization and regulatory reports that one could reference, however these suffered from being delayed, often times too highly aggregated, and certainly did not allow for someone to interact with the data.

Clarus has changed that.

Benefitting from recent regulatory changes, the OTC markets now have heaps of data made public on a frequent basis.  The problem now is to collect and make sense of this data.  Even if one was to collect all of the data that has been disseminated, it requires thorough scrubbing, normalization, and enrichment.

Clarus does just that.

Our three data products SDRView, SEFView, and CCPView, cover their respective worlds of data.  The diagram below illustrates the universe of swap data that we make available:


Swap Data normalized and enriched by Clarus in our View products. The scale here is for USD Fixed/Float IR swaps.

Our Data helps traders, brokers, researchers, regulators, industry associations, and vendors understand Interest Rate(IRD), Credit(CR) and FX(FXD) markets through three tools:

  • CCPView.  Global Cleared Derivatives volumes, currency and product level.
  • SDRView.  Trade level, US-Named activity. (CFTC Part 43 data)
  • SEFView.  SEF-executed activity.  (CFTC Part 16 data)

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