We have a team of experienced consultants that individually or as teams are able to provide the expertise that financial firms need to make strategic decisions and successfully deliver projects. Our expertise covers product and project management, business and industry analysis, financial and software engineering, functional and technical architecture. Our engagements range from 5-10 day assignments, 2-3 month projects through to multi man-year engagements.


Software technology assessment and due diligence for venture capital, private equity or technology firms that are looking to invest in or acquire financial software businesses. Our reports cover the technology, product positioning, competitive landscape and market potential of the business.


Basel III regulations are forcing financial firms to re-evaluate their enterprise risk systems for market risk and credit risk with capital markets trading businesses under specific pressure to lower regulatory and operating capital. Our engagements evaluate existing systems from an industry best-practice perspective and provide a definition of target state architectures.


Dodd-Frank and EMIR have mandated central counterparty clearing for Interest Rate Swaps, which imposes significant operational changes in the Front, Middle and Back Offices of firms active in these markets. Our advice and services assist clearing houses, clearing members and clients to meet timelines and operate successfully.


Many financial firms have large in-house software developments and technology resources that are focused on supporting and delivering into this eco-system. Business pressures and tight dead-lines often necessitate the need to augment these in-house services. Our bespoke software development services mean we can deploy a mix of on-site and off-site resources to deliver a project to a fixed timeline and budget.