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Fast modern analytics for Margin calculation, Scenario analysis, Hedging. Pre-trade and Post-trade. Access via easy-to-integrate APIs or consume via easy-to-use GUIs.


Normalised, Enhanced and Aggregated Data on Swap and other Derivatives sourced from Swap Data Repositories, Swap Execution Facilities and Clearing Houses.


Insightful market commentary and analysis on Swap markets delivered weekly in the Clarus Blog. Volumes, Trends, Insights and What the Data Shows. Be Informed, Take Advantage.

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Latest blog posts

  • Feb, 22

    Capital requirements for exposures to CCPs

    Following on from my article SA-CCR: Standardised Approach Counterparty Credit Risk, I wanted to look at the related topic of Capital requirements for Cleared Swaps and get a sense of the size of these requirements. Background In March 2014, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) published it’s Standardised Approach (SA-CCR) for measuring exposure at default […]

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    Feb, 22

    ISDA SIMM™ in Excel – Equity Derivatives

    We build an IM calculator in Excel for Equity Derivatives under ISDA SIMM™. The methodology builds on the margin methodology for Rates products, and uses very similar formulae. We cover all forms of IM. This blog is for the Delta Margin. There are subtle differences to the implementation for Rates, mainly around the concept of “buckets” […]

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  • Feb, 15

    January 2017 Swaps Review

    Continuing with our monthly Swaps review series, let’s look at volumes in January 2017. Summary: SDR USD IRS price-forming volume > $2.3 trillion gross notional 21% higher than a year earlier On SEF vs Off SEF at 62% to 38% is lower than average; 65% to 35% SEF Compression activity in USD IRS was > $220 billion USD OIS volume at […]

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    Feb, 15

    Latam Swaps Data & Analytics

    This week, we go south of the border to look at Latin American Interest rate swaps. Over the past few years we have looked at MXN (Mexican Peso) and BRL (Brazilian Real) swaps in some detail, particularly around their launch of clearing: Sizing the MXN Swaps Market (Dec 2013) A Year of MXN Swaps data […]

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