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Global Cleared Derivatives volumes, currency and product level.




Securities-based swap transactions for US Persons. (SEC)




SEF-executed activity, instrument level.
(CFTC Part 16)




Trade level, US persons activity. (CFTC Part 43)





Swap Data normalized and enriched by Clarus in our View products. (Scale for USD IRS)


Latest Posts

  • Oct, 26

    Most Active Names in Credit and Equity Derivatives – Oct22

    Earlier this summer we looked at the SEC Securities Based SDRs (SBSDRs) for the Most Active Equity Total Return Swaps and Most Active CDS Single-names. Today I will use SBSDRView to look at which names have been most active in October 2022. CDS on Sovereigns Let’s start with the twenty most active sovereigns by trade […]

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    Jul, 27

    Most Active Equity Total Return Swaps

    Since our First Look at Total Return Swaps blog, we have added a Most Actives view in SBSDRView. This identifies the most active stocks on which TRS are transacted and below I look at what this data shows. Number of trades The two main derivative products in SBSDRs for Equities are Total Return Swaps (TRS) […]

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  • May, 25

    Most Active CDS Single-names

    We recently published the blog Most Actives in CDS Trading, which covered the use of our API to access SEC SBSDR transaction data. This included python code to perform look-ups on security identifiers and build a table of the most active names traded in a given period. While simple enough to do for those with […]

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    Apr, 27

    BSBY and Term SOFR Swap Volumes Update

    In Feb 2022, I looked at BSBY and Term SOFR Swap Volumes, so today is an update for March and April. Term SOFR Using SDRView, exporting USD FixedFloat Swaps (so not OIS), filter on Term SOFR Reference Indices. The number of trades in a month increasing from: <10 in Oct 2021 342 in Dec 2021 603 […]

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  • Apr, 27

    A First Look at Total Return Swaps

    We are now getting our hands dirty with new public transparency data. Amir has covered this in a couple of blogs recently, and I have also used the Russian Federation CDS data from SBSDRs. For this blog, we’ll look in more detail at Total Return Swap data for Equities. What Is a Total Return Swap? […]

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    Apr, 12

    SBSDR – A look at Equity Total Return Swaps

    Following on from my blog, SEC Security-Based Swap Data Repositories Are Now Live, I wanted to take a look at Equity Total Return Swap volumes. OTC Equity Derivatives (USD) Let’s start by using SBSDRView to see the products and volumes reported for trades denominated in USD. TRS with @ 70,000 trades on each of Apr 6, […]

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  • Apr, 5

    Swaption Volumes by Strike Q1 2022

    Swaptions activity has reacted to the huge sell off we have seen in Fixed Income markets during Q1 2022. There are no volume records being broken in Swaptions but we update one of our popular blogs from 2021 with fresh data. We take a look at Swaption strikes traded throughout the quarter. And we break-down […]

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    Feb, 23

    SEC Security-Based Swap Repositories are now Live!

    On February 14, 2022, public dissemination of security-based swap transactions under the Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) regulations went live. See the statement from Chairman Gary Gensler. Almost 9 years to the day of our first blog, Shining a light on Derivatives, covering the Swap Data Repository (SDR) operated by DTCC for the Commodity Futures […]

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