Trading RFRs

Clarus will be talking about trading RFRs at the ISDA/SIFMA AMG Benchmark Strategies Forum 2020 in London next week, February 26th 2020. For more information on the event and to register, please check out the event details page. It is free to attend for the buyside. Among the topics, you will hear our thoughts on: RFR […]

Spotlight on RFR Swaps

As the spotlight turns to RFR Swaps, in a “will they won’t they take off and replace Libor”, we have added new RFR views in most of our data products, to help answer that question. Today I will use SDRView Researcher and our new IBOR-RFR view to shine a spotlight on RFR Swaps. RFR Swaps […]

Our Partnership with AcadiaSoft

Last week we put out a joint press release, see AcadiaSoft Partners with Clarus Financial Technology to Provide Joint Initial Margin Analytics Service and I wanted to provide more detail on the value of this. Background Uncleared margin rules (UMR) require firms to exchange Initial Margin on bi-lateral derivatives exposures and the financial industry relies […]

Block Trading

Our data shows that block trades are 30% larger than the amounts reported to SDRs. Block trades and trades capped at a reporting threshold make up just 7% of volume by trade count. However, the true size of these trades means they account for 43% of notional volume. This varies significantly from currency to currency. […]

Risk Free Rates Trading January 2020

We look at the percentage of notional and risk that is traded as an OIS swap across six currencies. 55% of GBP trading activity when measured by risk (DV01) is currently transacted versus SONIA (OIS). Just 16% of USD trading activity is transacted as an OIS when measured by risk. AUD markets are leading the […]

CCP Quantitative Disclosures 3Q19 – Skin in the Game

Clearing Houses 3Q 2019 CPMI-IOSCO Quantitative Disclosures are now available, so lets look at what the data shows, similar to my CCP Disclosures 2Q 2019 article. Summary: Initial Margin for IRS is up 17% in the quarter and 45% in a year Each of the four major IRS CCPs increasing IM Client IM is significantly up IM for ETD up […]

Will GBP LIBOR stop trading on 2nd March 2020?

The market convention for GBP Swaps is expected to move to SONIA from Monday March 2nd 2020. This structural change follows an announcement from UK regulators. The data shows that already 88% of total notional in GBP swaps is versus SONIA. Maturities longer than 2 years have still not transitioned to SONIA trading. Probably* as […]

SGX FlexC FX Futures

In March 2019, just over 8 years after its launch, SGX shut down it’s OTC Financials Clearing business.  However SGX continues to innovate and has focused on the futures market. One example of this is the launch of FlexC FX Future, a product which aims to replicate a Non-Deliverable Forward and capture liquidity/volume from the […]

£700bn SONIA Traded on a Single Day

SONIA volumes have hit all-time highs in January 2020. The highest volume of SONIA traded on a single day has been £700bn on 15th January. Total monthly volumes will be over £4trn for the first time ever. The spike in activity is concentrated in short-dated instruments, suggesting it is closely related to the BoE meeting […]