Swaption Volumes by Strike Q3 2023

Sometimes this blog would benefit from another Chris Barnes or Amir Khwaja! It has taken me until the tail-end of 2023 to revisit one of the most popular topics on the Clarus blog – Swaptions: I do not know which of the ~85 blogs I should not have written since I last wrote about Swaptions, […]

New Musings on RFRs

This week I will start with a chart – the DV01 traded in USD OIS per month over the past three years: Showing; For the second chart today, consider the same data, but split by OIS Index – SOFR or Fed Funds: Showing; Overall, 26% of OTC OIS risk was traded versus Fed Funds – […]

Default Simulation Exercises by CCPs

In June 2019, I wrote a blog titled, CCP Default Management Auctions, in which I covered the BIS CPMI-IOSCO “Discussion paper on central counterparty default management auctions” and explained how Clarus CHARM helps clearing members with their default management obligations, both actual and firedrill tests. One of the points in the discussion paper was on […]

A new look at €STR Futures

In June this year I wrote that “We Need to Talk About €STR Futures“. RFR/€STR Adoption continues to be volatile in Europe, but €STR Futures have had a pretty good year so far, with monthly volumes increasing steadily: Showing; However, ESTR futures have only managed to grab a tiny percentage of the overall EUR STIR […]

Is Chris Barnes actually a robot?

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Amir and I have been discussing on our podcast a new use of the Clarus blog – training AI models. Clarus content is a good candidate for training large language models – the blogs are structured, and they cover technical topics in an accessible manner. There are now well […]

HJM-FMM Model – Fast Calibration via a Neural Network

Authored by, Davide Gianatti, Serena Manti and Gianluca Molteni of the Financial Engineering and A.I. team at List. The aim of this post is to introduce a novel systematic approach that could be used to calibrate quickly any model describing interest rates. The core of the algorithm is a Neural Network (NN) that outputs the parameters […]

3Q23 CCP Volumes and Share in IRD

Clarus CCPView has daily volume and open interest data published by each CCP, which is filtered, normalised and aggregated to allow meaningful comparisons of volumes. Today we look at 3Q23 volume and market share in IRD for: Onto the charts, data and details. Volumes and Market Share For major currencies and regions, vanilla swaps referencing IBORs and OIS […]

Is volatility in RFR Adoption here to stay?

Volatility in Rates markets has been elevated this year. However, I cannot remember a year when we haven’t said similar by October! It is very likely that the human-bias is innately more sensitive to change than stasis, which then leads inquisitive minds to work out what is causing the change. But one thing that is […]

Using SACCR to monitor Counterparty Credit Risk

Risk Weighted Assets Counterparty Credit Risk is typically the largest contributor to Risk Weighted Assets (RWAs) for banks. This Clarus blog covered RWAs way back in 2017 when looking at Basel III disclosures. It is highly unlikely to have changed in the intervening six years: In today’s blog, we don’t want to necessarily talk about […]