Clarus Financial Technology Launches SDR View

London, May 14, 2013Clarus Financial Technology today announced the release of SDR View, its Swaps Data  Repository viewer application.

This is publicly available at

The DTCC DDR trade repository has been set-up to publicly disseminate all OTC Derivatives trade activity that is required to be reported to a Swaps Data Repository (SDR) under the Dodd-Frank Act.

Up to now much industry effort has been focused on the need to deliver intra-day trade feeds from Dealers platforms to Swap Data Repositories. Very little thought has gone into what value can be extracted from the data held in these repositories. This is one of the first efforts to make use of this vast dataset.

Amir Khwaja, CEO of Clarus Financial Technology explains, “We wanted to take the csv data files published by DTCC DDR and show the real value in this data. For the first time it is possible for all market participants (sell-side or buy-side), and for all market observers (regulators or researchers), to see the actual trading activity in the OTC Derivatives markets. This is unprecedented in the history of these markets.”

“Our SDR View application, provides simple at a glance metrics of trading activity for a day, a week or a month. It shows key information such as the volumes traded in Interest Rates Derivatives in a given currency and product, the percentage of Cleared trades versus Bi-lateral trades and the actual traded prices and deal sizes. We use dashboards, charts, grids and drill-down capability to allow a user to understand and navigate their way through this data”.

Amir Khwaja, further explains, “We have had a great response in our trial period for SDR View, which we have made publicly available on our website. The feedback from early adopters has been instrumental in our continual improvement of the product and we now hope with the latest features, including intra-day updates and drill-down, we have a product offering that will gain further users. We also hope that it serves to inform and guide market participants and market observers in their day to day business.”

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