Clarus Financial Technology announces SEFView

Chicago, February 11, 2014 – Clarus Financial Technology today announces the release of SEFView, its new service for tracking Swap Execution Facility (SEF) volumes.

The onset of Make Available to Trade (MAT) on Feb 15, 2014, means that there is a great deal of interest in tracking changes in SEF volumes and market share statistics.

Tod Skarecky, SVP Americas Clarus Financial Technology explains, “When SEF trading commenced on Oct 2, 2013, we started writing a weekly blog with our observations on the figures reported by each of the SEFs. These blogs generated a great deal of interest, feedback and industry comment, with each week seeing a new high for page views”.

“Now nineteen weekly blogs later, we are in a position to release our new SEFView service. This service takes the daily data published by each SEF, extracts and normalises it into a database, and provides a Web application for users to slice and dice the data.”

“Making it much easier to track on a more consistent basis the volume and market share of each SEF; for any asset class, product or currency, over any period (daily or weekly) from Oct 2, 2013 onwards”.

Amir Khwaja, CEO Clarus Financial Technology adds, “With the release of SEFView, we are introducing another service that increases transparency. Our existing SDRView service provides insight from the real-time public dissemination feed of Swap Data Repositories (SDRs), while our new SEFView service provides insight from the public reporting of SEFs.

“Both services give market participants, whether sell-side, buy-side or intermediaries, crucial information in understanding and managing the change in market infrastructure”.

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