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Latest Posts

  • Nov, 24

    Anonymous Trading on SEFs

    The 1st November 2020 heralded a fundamental change in swaps markets. SEFs executing trades in specific products were no longer permitted to disclose the identities of the counterparties (to each other) after the trade: At the moment, this rule only applies to MAT swaps – i.e. those products subjected to the execution mandate and required […]

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    Nov, 18

    SOFR Swaps on SEFs

    Last week I looked at Swap Volumes in October 2020 and focused primarily on SOFR Swaps and Futures at Clearing Houses, so this week I am going to look at Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs). D2D SEFs Let’s start by using SEFView to look at D2D SEFs, where the main product is SOFR v FedFunds Basis […]

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  • Feb, 26

    SOFR Swaps and SEF Venues

    We have dedicated Risk Free Rate (RFR) views in most of our data products and today we complete the picture by adding these to SEFView, which aggregates daily volume from all Swap Execution Facilities. Let’s use this to see where SOFR Swaps are trading. D2D Venues The inter-dealer market trades SOFR vs FedFunds Basis Swaps, […]

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    Feb, 10

    Block Trading

    Our data shows that block trades are 30% larger than the amounts reported to SDRs. Block trades and trades capped at a reporting threshold make up just 7% of volume by trade count. However, the true size of these trades means they account for 43% of notional volume. This varies significantly from currency to currency. […]

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  • Jan, 8

    2019 SEF Market Share Statistics

    In this article I look at 2019 Swap Execution Facility (SEF) market share for Credit, Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate Derivative asset classes, in a similar format to my 2018 SEF Market Share Statistics. A brief summary is that 2019 volumes held onto 2018 volumes, a banner year, in both FXD and IRD but CRD volumes […]

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    Feb, 12

    What Traded On-SEF in 2018?

    We look at what traded on- and off-SEF in 2018 across Rates and Credit markets. As a result of the CFTC’s proposed rule, we look at what is voluntarily trading on-SEF at the moment. We find that most voluntary SEF executed volumes are in USD-denominated FRA and OIS products. Liquidity is shown to be very high for SEF-executed, standardised […]

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  • Feb, 6

    What Traded Off-SEF in 2018?

    We look at what traded off-SEF in 2018 across Rates markets. As a result of the CFTC’s proposed rule, we look at products that are mandated to clear. We find that most off-SEF volumes are in short-dated FRA and OIS products. For Fixed-Float traded off-SEF, 75% of it is forward starting. Introduction We are always […]

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    Jan, 16

    Title VII 2.0: SEF re-regulation

    More than 10 years after the fall of Lehman Brothers, and with limited changes for several years you might be forgiven for the impression the CFTC is done with SEF regulation.  Not so. With a full complement of commissioners recently approved, CFTC has started the Dodd-Frank Title VII re-regulation ball rolling.  CFTC has published proposed […]

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