Swap Data Repository, Block Trade Rule, the Bad News

Under the Dodd-Frank Act, the CFTC issued Part 43 of its regulations to implement the real-time reporting mandate. This has a requirement for “real-time public reporting”, which is defined as “to report data relating to a swap transaction, including price and volume, as soon as technologically practicable after the time at which the swap transaction […]

Mandatory Clearing, June 10, Week One and YTD

Following on from my blog post of Day 3, I wanted to provide an update of Week One and also take a longer view; the Year to Date. First two points of note: As Daily Swap volumes can fluctuate widely, it is generally better to look at weekly or monthly figures. We are observing trends and […]

Competition | June 10 Prediction | The Results

Today ClarusFT (and OTC Space) announce the result of our competition to predict the impact of the Dodd-Frank Act mandatory clearing deadline of June 10th. The question we posed was the following: What do you predict will be the gross notional remaining of Uncleared USD IR Swaps FixedFloat in the week of 10th – 14th June 2013, as reported to […]

Mandatory Clearing, June 10, the first two days

Category II firms were required to clear Interest Rate Swaps from June 10th. As his deadline impacted a lot more firms than the prior March 11th, I decided to look at the data. Firstly the reported Uncleared USD Swap daily trade counts. This shows a drop of 44% on June 10th, from the week earlier […]