Microservices to monitor new Inflation data

Here on the Clarus blog, we anticipated that LIBOR cessation in GBP, JPY and CHF would usher in simpler markets and “easier” trading this year. Less indices, less basis, fewer restructuring requests. Heaven forbid, fewer blogs even! However, 2022 has seen two big market themes step up that have provided plenty to write about – […]

CDS Volumes now $6.6Trn higher than last year

Credit Derivative volumes have been huge in 2022. YTD volume data shows that 2022 will likely see all-time record volumes. Volumes are already $6.6Trn larger than at the same point in 2021. We analyse the Cleared market in Index and Single Name CDS. SBSDRView reveals the most active names across uncleared and cleared CDS. We’ve […]

SOFR Futures are now bigger than Eurodollars

The ISDA-Clarus RFR Adoption Indicator retained its all-time high of 46.4% in July 2022. SOFR adoption hit a new record at 51.7% of the market. 20.3% of EUR risk traded versus €STR, below last month’s all-time high. July 2022 was a relatively quiet month for trading activity, with the total risk traded falling by ~25% from last […]

Are We In A Summer Lull?

I take a look at the volume data for July 2022 in CCPView to see whether we have now hit the quiet weeks of summer trading. Cleared OTC Rates Volumes As always, Cleared Rates markets provide a great barometer of overall market activity. They are the largest OTC markets and the most transparent. Showing; Notional […]