SEF: Week 25

The SEF world continues to churn out data.  I didn’t write a blog last week (week 24, March 10-14), and my loyal followers let me hear it.  Everyone should know by now that the data is there to be seen on SEFView at any time.  We’ve just begun updating the data on a daily basis […]

SEF MAT Week 3, IRS Volumes Up and Up

There have been a number of recent articles commenting on the lower volumes of USD Interest Rate Swaps, for example SEFVolumes died last week and US IRS Volumes-SEF MAT Cliff or Steady Decline. So now that 3 weeks have passed I decided to update my article SEF MAT Week One, What Does the Data Show.   […]

SEF: Week 23

Thanks for checking in this week.  This will be brief as we’re at the FIA in Boca and my blogging time is limited.  So on to the data… DATA Daily data for last week: The weekly data: SO WHATS UP? What stands out to me: Bloomberg has continued to shine, with impressive data for both […]

Arbitrage-Free SABR: Finite Difference Techniques

In January a new approach to the SABR model was published in Wilmott magazine, by Hagan et al., the original authors of the well-known SABR model. They review some of the weaknesses of the model, and concentrate on the problem of negative probabilities induced by the original approximation formula, especially at low strikes. To solve […]

CDSIndex On SEF Volumes after MAT

February 27, 2014 was the Made Available Trade (MAT) determination date for CDSIndex contracts based on the TradeWeb submission. Similar to my recent article on Interest Rate Swaps, I will look at what the volumes show.   Which products are MAT? Two North American Indices: CDX.NA.IG.5Y and CDX.NA.HY.5Y Two European Indices: iTraxx Europe 5Y and […]

SEF: Week 22 (Welcome CDS)

An interesting week for SEFs.  The Tradeweb MAT self-certification went into effect last Wednesday, and MarketAxess’ on Friday, so we now have the 4 primary CDS Indices made available.  It appears to have been a fairly active week. Lots had been said about Swap activity after the first MAT week.  Headlines were that swap volumes […]