HJM-FMM Model – A Deep Dive

Authored by, Serena Manti and Gianluca Molteni of the Financial Engineering and A.I. team at List. This is the follow-up of our first post introducing the paper “Parsimonious HJM-FMM Model with the New Risk-Free Term Rates“. Here, we would like to provide you with a brief more technical description of our innovative HJM-FMM model, followed by […]

Parsimonious HJM-FMM Model with Risk-Free Term Rates

Authored by, Serena Manti and Gianluca Molteni of the Financial Engineering and A.I. team at List. In this post we would like to introduce our paper “Parsimonious HJM-FMM Model with the New Risk-Free Term Rates“, a modified version of the Heath-Jarrow-Morton (HJM) model that addresses the limitations of the traditional approaches in the context of […]

Fast Valuation of Seasoned OIS Swaps

OIS swaps have coupons determined by compounded daily interest rates settled every few months. The valuation of future coupons is computationally similar to the valuation of a LIBOR payment, in that the valuation involves the ratio of two discount factors associated with the start and end of the accrual period. A problem can arise on […]

Credit Suisse & UBS LIVE Blog

SBSDRView allows us to track trading in single name CDS: Follow the blog live today to see what the market thinks of the Credit Suisse-UBS deal. We will also be following other banking CDS (Deutsche amongst others….) to monitor any potential contagion. 10:00am CET We have already had the first Credit Suisse CDS trade of […]

How to Trade A Bank Run

Much of what is written on this blog stems from the “OG” Financial Crisis back in 2008. Without that, we would not have seen the Dodd Frank Act or post trade transparency in OTC derivative markets. Back in 2008 I was trading cross currency swaps. These were one of the hardest hit instruments as the […]

Have you seen the BIS Triennial Survey 2022?

Trading shrank by about 20% to $5.2Trn per day in Interest Rate Derivatives from April 2019 to 2022. Transition to RFRs has resulted in a $1.4Trn reduction in daily activity in FRAs alone, explaining much of the decline. The BIS survey occurred when markets were likely experiencing a degree of heightened activity, although Clarus data […]

The GBP Financial Meltdown – what is still trading?

GBP markets are exceptionally volatile at the moment. We look at transparency data and find that derivatives markets are continuing to function. September 2022 will likely see the largest notional volumes traded this year. We cannot say for sure that will be the case for the amount of DV01 transacted. We consider what this means […]

What is new in GBP Swap Markets?

We look at vanilla swaps, inflation swaps and futures. Some markets have seen volumes reduce by over 50%. Whilst others recorded all-time record volumes in August 2022. What is driving such different outcomes across a single derivatives market? With Liz Truss the newly anointed Prime Minister, the FT had an interesting take on UK markets […]

Microservices to monitor new Inflation data

Here on the Clarus blog, we anticipated that LIBOR cessation in GBP, JPY and CHF would usher in simpler markets and “easier” trading this year. Less indices, less basis, fewer restructuring requests. Heaven forbid, fewer blogs even! However, 2022 has seen two big market themes step up that have provided plenty to write about – […]

The Endgame for Basis Swaps?

Interest Rate Basis Swaps can be categorised into two distinct types, with floating sides/legs which reference either: Distinct reference indices e.g. USD Libor 3M vs Fedfunds, or Tenor Basis e.g. USD Libor 3M vs 6M Basis Swaps are used to hedge or trade the basis spread between the reference indices or Libor tenors and are […]