2023 SEF Volumes and Share in SOFR Swaps

Background In May 2023, I published a blog on IDB Market Share in SOFR Swaps, which used data we collect, filter and enhance in pur SDRView product. The blog looked at the type of SOFR Swaps that trade on Inter-Dealer Broker (IDB) SEF venues, also referred to as Dealer-to-Dealer (D2D venues); namely Spreadovers, Curves and […]

There is a new MAT Filing!

Made Available to Trade Let’s do a poll to kick things off. Before you clicked on this blog, did you know that there had been a new MAT filing? I’m betting that most of our readers were well aware. The MAT filing, from Tradeweb, received decent press coverage, including from Risk: What Is It? A […]

SOFR Swaps D2D Volumes and Share

SOFR Swap Volumes at D2D SEFs Volumes in SEFView reported by D2D SEFs under CFTC Part 16 regulations for last week. Showing that Tradition is the largest with $70 billion, followed by TP at $42 billion and IGDL(ICAP) at $32 billion. However we know that in terms of market share that represents revenue share, these […]

2021 SEF Volumes and Share – CRD and FXD

Today I review 2021 Swap Execution Facility (SEF) volumes and market share for both Credit Derivatives and Foreign Exchange Derivatives, in a similar format to my 2020 SEF Market Share Statistics article. Summary: CRD Index, Option and Tranche products Volume in USD of $7 trillion, down 8% from the prior year Volume in EUR of $4.3 […]

2020 SEF Market Share Statistics

In this article I look at 2020 Swap Execution Facility (SEF) market share for Credit, Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate Derivative asset classes, in a similar format to my 2019 SEF Market Share Statistics. Summary: CRD Index, Option and Tranche products Volume in USD up 17% and in EUR up 12% March 2020 a huge month […]