How are Futures on Bitcoin doing?

We last looked at Bitcoin Futures in January 2018, shortly after their launch by CBOE and CME, so high time to re-visit these to see how volumes have performed. Monthly Volumes In SEFView we collect daily volumes and aggregating these to look at YTD monthly volumes. Growth since January, but certainly not one that requires […]

EUR Swap Volumes by Tenor

Last week I briefly covered cleared EUR Swap volumes in Swaps Data: The Big Get Bigger in Cleared Swaps, so today I will look in more detail into these and specifically LCH SwapClear volumes by tenor. Average Daily Volume (ADV) Lets start with ADV by month for EUR Interest Rate Swaps cleared at LCH SwapClear, […]

Segregated Funds, Market Crashes & Under-Seg

Today I want to look briefly at the reported solvency of FCM’s during the most recent market panic. Back on February 5th of this year, the US equities market suffered a volatile day and significant losses. The Dow Jones index had its worst ever one-day loss in terms of points (down 1,175), and other indices […]

Final 2017 FCM Rankings & Concentration

The latest batch of FCM data has been assembled.  Lets dig in. We start with the number of FCMs that are registered, by various metrics: Showing us: The number of FCMs registered dropped by 1 firm, from 64 to 63, with the removal of ETRADE Securities (leaving just ETRADE Futures) The number of FCM’s with […]

Is Eurex Gaining Share in IRS Clearing?

Reading Philip Stafford’s recent article in the Financial Times, Deutsche Borse makes ground in UK derivatives push, I was struck by the paragraph: Seven times! Impressive, indeed. Is this the start of a ratcheting up in Eurex volumes and gain in market share vs LCH SwapClear? Lets look at what the data shows in detail. EUR […]

2017 CCP Market Share Statistics

In this article I look at 2017 CCP market share for OTC Derivatives in Credit, FX and Interest Rates. Clarus CCPView has daily volume data published by each CCP, which is filtered, normalised and aggregated to allow meaningful comparison of market share statistics. Summary: IRD LCH SwapClear has >90% share in CAD, EUR, GBP, USD and 86% […]

Bitcoin Volumes

It’s been an exciting time in crypto-currencies since my last couple Bitcoin articles last year.  As a quick recap: Bitcoin Meets OTC Derivatives – Oct 24, 2017 (Bitcoin price was $5,500) – We discussed how the infrastructure for institutional investment in this space was ready. And we took a look at implied volatility of BTC […]

CCP Disclosures 3Q 2017 – What the Data Shows

Central Counterparties recently published their latest quarterly CPMI-IOSCO Quantitative Disclosures and in this article I will highlight what the data shows, similar to my article on 2Q 2017 trends. Background Under the voluntary CPMI-IOSCO Public Quantitative Disclosures by CCPs, over two hundred quantitative data fields covering margin, default resources, credit risk, collateral, liquidity risk and […]

FSB Survey on Derivatives

The Financial Stability Board, in conjunction with the BCBS, CPMI and IOSCO have launched a broad survey about Cleared derivative markets. The survey looks at regulatory impacts to both cleared and uncleared derivative markets. The survey is split by market participant type – Dealer, FCM, CCP or Client. There are plenty of questions about the […]

How Bitcoin Futures Will Work

A couple weeks ago, we released an article about the evolving infrastructure in the OTC derivatives industry to support Bitcoin, with the conclusion that much of the plumbing was coming together for institutional sized investment.  In industry parlance, this involves swaps, SEF’s, DCO’s, custodians and liquidity providers. Futures products, probably the most readily understood derivative, […]