Compression List Trading On SEFs

Compression List Trading volumes have continued on their upward trend this year and in this article I will look into the what the data shows both in terms of volumes and also SEF market share.   On SEF Compression Lists By Month Lets start with an SDRView Res chart of monthly gross notionals in G4 currencies […]

Spreadovers: US Treasury Spreads in the Swaps Data

US Treasury Swap Spreads (“Spreadovers”) are a significant portion of the Swaps market. Up to 1 in 5 trades are identified as a Spreadover, which helps us understand the SDR trade universe in even more detail. As a result, the curated Clarus data now augments over half of all trades from SDRs to enable greater transparency. We continue to refine our […]

MAC Swaps – Any Progress?

We get asked often about the most recent MAC swap activity.  So lets look at some data. DATA We are assisted by the Clarus SDRView Researcher service, which enriches all the swap data to mark-up the subtypes (eg MAC, IMM, Spot start, etc) and packages (curve, butterfly, compression, etc).  Below is a snapshot of the […]

Cross Currency Swaps: SEFs enjoy QE-fueled volume boost

SEFs in 2015 have seen huge increases in Cross Currency volumes, seemingly as a result of ECB QE. European credit markets are a hotbed for foreign issuers right now, and this is driving a significant shift to On-SEF trading for this asset class. The FX Effect It’s certainly not new news that EUR/USD FX is plummeting, and has been on a […]

Client Portfolios will Dominate CCP Risk

Using Client Open Interest figures we can project the share of CCP portfolio risk due to Clients once Clearing reaches a mature state. This will take several years as legacy non-cleared Rates portfolios (which dominate global notional outstanding) need to run off and be replaced by cleared trades under the US, EU and Asia client clearing mandates. However, […]

Trade Surveillance in Swaps Trading

Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs) and Swap Data Repositories (SDRs) mean that it is now possible to implement effective Trade Surveillance in the OTC Swaps market and to do so in an analogous manner to the Futures market. Swap Dealers or Major Swap Participants can and should compare their executed trades with the trades reported in […]

Come on, feel the noise!

Better than an Oasis b-side, we thought what better time to talk about volatility than just after a payrolls report that saw 10 years move by over 12bp? Will the Fed in action be good for the SEF industry? I think we all know the supposition here. Volatility leads to increased trading, increased trading leads to higher […]

EU Court Ruling on Euro Zone CCP Residency

The lawsuit from the British government in 2011 on euro zone CCP residency is coming to a ruling in the EU court Wednesday March 4th (according to this risk article – subs. required and this otcspace article). The idea is that CCPs clearing a 5% slice of euro-denominated products in a given category have to […]