Swaption Volumes by Strike Q2 2024

This blog follows on from the interesting activity we have seen across Options markets so far this year. Take a look if you have missed anything: I have written previous Swaption reviews after large, directional moves in Rates. Q2 2024 was a little bit different, although it would still be characterised as a “volatile” quarter. […]

Swaption Volumes by Strike Q1 2024

Time to update and revisit one of our most interesting 2023 blogs – Swaptions: Swaptions showcase a different use case for SDR data, and highlight why data augmentation is necessary. Straddles Are Back! My previous look at 2023 trade counts highlighted: As soon as we noticed this, we set our sights on identifying Straddles again […]

Time Series of Swap Prices and Volumes

Analysing existing datasets in new and novel ways, often throws up interesting insights and questions which help with our understanding of the real world and in turn help us to make better decisions. Today I wanted to showcase a new feature in SDRView, that demonstrates this, the Ticker Summary View. SDRView has transaction level data […]

Swaption Volumes by Strike Q3 2023

Sometimes this blog would benefit from another Chris Barnes or Amir Khwaja! It has taken me until the tail-end of 2023 to revisit one of the most popular topics on the Clarus blog – Swaptions: I do not know which of the ~85 blogs I should not have written since I last wrote about Swaptions, […]