SEF Volumes for Week 4

  Four calendar weeks are in the books.  A common trend is emerging.  Story is really the same as last week. SAME OLD STORY CREDIT:  Bloomberg continues to post the most impressive scores in this asset class, consistently accounting for 70-80% of the daily volumes and 79% for the week overall.  GFI is the strongest […]

SDRFix, what do we mean when we say transparent?

Following on from my article on SDRFix, a Progress Report Two weeks after launch, I wanted to explain what we mean when we say that SDRFix is publicly available and transparent. The publicly available, requires no deep explanation. Anyone can go to and see the index data. However transparent is a much used word […]

What the SEF Volumes Show: Week 2

  Week 2 of the new order in OTC derivatives execution is behind us.  It’s been labeled by the media as anything from a false start, to a whimper, to a huge success.  Of course there are no mandatory trades made available for trading, so the results should probably be construed as interesting at best. […]

USD Swap Prices on SEF platforms

  Following on from my article SEF, Oct2, What does the SDR Data show? I wanted to take a further look at what else we can observe in SDRView using the DTCC real-time price dissemination feed source.   USD IRS Prices on SEF platforms From my last article you will know that we now have a SEF On and […]

What the SEF Volumes Show

  The first calendar week of SEF trading is behind us.  If you are like me, you are wondering where the liquidity was / who attracted the most volumes over this period.  I was inspired by Kevin McPartland’s blog on SEF market data, so I have gone out and collated the data from the various SEF […]

SEF, Oct 2, What does the SDR data show?

As yesterday was the first day for Swap Execution Facilities (SEF) trading, I decided to look at what the data in a Swap Data Repository (SDR) can tell us about what happened on Day 1. The DTCC real-time public dissemination feed has a field name “Execution Venue”, which prior to Oct 2 always had the value […]