2022 CCP Volumes and Share in CRD

A review of Credit Derivatives (CRD) volumes and market share at Clearing Houses (CCPs) in 2022. All the charts and detail from CCPView. CRD by Currency USD CDX, CDS and Swaptions CDX volumes at $12.9 trillion, representing 91% of USD volume with single-name 7.5% and CDXSwaptions volumes six times higher in 2022. USD CRD Index Series […]

Cross Currency Swap Review 2022

With Cross Currency Swap blogs continuing to perform well on the Clarus Blog each year, let’s take a look at what traded during 2022. SDRView Volumes SDRView shows the monthly volumes transacted of Cross Currency Basis swaps. These are, on the whole, the vanilla interbank type of mark-to-market cross currency swaps. Showing; SDRView also shows the DV01 […]

2022 CCP Volumes and Market Share in IRD

2022 volumes and market share for OTC Derivatives in Interest Rates reported by Clearing Houses. Clarus CCPView has daily volume and open interest data published by each CCP, which is filtered, normalised and aggregated to allow meaningful analysis and comparisons. Contents: Onto the charts, data and details. Volumes and Market Share For major currencies and regions, vanilla swaps referencing IBORs and […]

SDR – Trading Venues and Packages

Late last year, on Dec 5th, US Swap Data Repositories (SDRs) went live with CFTC’s amended swap data reporting framework (a.k.a CFTC re-write). This incorporates CPMI-IOSCO harmonised data elements (e.g. UTI and UPI) and introduces new data elements. For CFTC Part 43 public dissemination, there are two very interesting new data elements: Let’s look at […]

Our Top Blogs of 2022

For our first blog this year, I wanted to highlight our top blogs of 2022 and share a few statistics. Top New Blogs in 2022 Starting with a list of the most popular new blogs that we published in 2022. The top 5 with > 12,000 views and a total of 25,000 views for the […]