SFTR Reporting – Public Data

For some time now I have been noting, but not reading, articles about the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) being implemented in Europe, so today I wanted to take my first look into this regulation. Background The ESMA website has a good section on SFTR Reporting, so I will copy & paste liberally from that, […]

US Treasury Volumes and Market Size

Post-trade transparency in US Treasuries has arrived. CCPView now includes volumes across US Treasuries, Futures and Swaps. This reveals that the true size of the Rates market in the US is $12.5 Trillion per week in notional equivalents for medium and long-dated interest rate products. We can also monitor the split of trading across different […]

The GSIB Framework and Window Dressing

What Are GSIBs? If you need a refresher of the GSIB framework, please check-out our blogs on: G-SIB MECHANICS AND DEFINITIONS G-SIB SCORES FOR US BANKS We have recently introduced GSIBView, an app for analysing the scores in more detail. It provides a drill-down into the GSIB components and allows our data customers to analyse […]

What has happened to USD LIBOR Fallback Spreads?

The fallback spread is an essential component of the LIBOR cessation plan and represents the credit and liquidity component of LIBOR relative to Risk Free Rates (RFRs). In a case where a benchmark like USD LIBOR ceases to publish, fallbacks such as compounded SOFR plus the spread are used to replace the failed benchmark. ISDA […]

CCP Quant Disclosures 4Q19 – Default Resources

4Q 2019 CPMI-IOSCO Quantitative Disclosures for CCPs have just been published and while we are still focused on the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting market volatility, I thought it would be interesting to see what the data shows as of a Dec 31, 2019, before we had any idea what was coming. So a little different to […]

MIFID II Transparency – Can we get it right this time?

There is a new April 2020 ESMA consultation on the Transparency Regime for OTC derivatives. ESMA are proposing potentially wide-sweeping changes to post-trade transparency in their latest consultation. Deadline for responses is currently April 19th 2020. We encourage all market participants to respond to this vital consultation. We could finally witness the beginning of transparency […]