£700bn SONIA Traded on a Single Day

SONIA volumes have hit all-time highs in January 2020. The highest volume of SONIA traded on a single day has been £700bn on 15th January. Total monthly volumes will be over £4trn for the first time ever. The spike in activity is concentrated in short-dated instruments, suggesting it is closely related to the BoE meeting […]

NOK Rates: What You Need to NOWA

Following on from the surprise entry of our NOK Rates blog in the Top 10 Clarus blogs of 2019, it is high time I updated it with both a look at whether OIS is trading yet and what has happened in the world of NOWA since we last wrote about it in April 2019. And […]

What You Need to Know about MXN Swaps

MXN Swaps are the 8th most traded interest rate swap at CCPs. 99% of cleared volumes are at CME, and most MXN swaps are now cleared. MXN swaps are a long-dated market. Almost half of all risk is executed in the 5y and 10y tenors. 66% of MXN swaps are executed on-SEF, but there is […]

2019 SEF Market Share Statistics

In this article I look at 2019 Swap Execution Facility (SEF) market share for Credit, Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate Derivative asset classes, in a similar format to my 2018 SEF Market Share Statistics. A brief summary is that 2019 volumes held onto 2018 volumes, a banner year, in both FXD and IRD but CRD volumes […]

Moving from Libor to SOFR/SONIA – Buyside Considerations

2020 is shaping up to be an important year for the development of markets in SONIA and SOFR. Recently on 21st November in a speech the FCA outlined plans to accelerate development of SONIA markets during 2020. Although plans are well advanced, the markets are still developing liquidity in longer-dated derivatives. I recently looked at […]