Clarus Top Blogs of 2019

For my last blog of the year, I will highlight our top blogs of the year. Top New Blogs in 2019 Starting with a ranking of the most popular new blogs that we published in 2019. Mechanics and Definitions of Carry in Swap markets €STR – What you need to know Ameribor – The $1.5bn […]

How do CNBC Stock Pickers Perform?

As year end is upon us, we sometimes like to perform some more lighthearted analysis. Many of you will know that the US financial markets are covered well by cable news network CNBC; and I’ve become a fan of the lunchtime “Halftime Report”.  At the end of each episode, they typically solicit a handful of […]

Clarus Blogs in 2018: What has been popular?

For my first blog of 2019, I wanted to reflect on the topics that were popular on the Clarus blog in 2018. Top New Blogs in 2018 Starting with a ranking of the most popular new blogs that we published in 2018. Settle to Market – What you need to know about STM MiFID II […]

Derivatives, the Cloud and the source of truth

As a cloud service provider, we are frequently evaluated by a customer’s IT Security who conduct risk assessments on our Software-as-a-Service’s architecture, security and processes.  These assessments are detailed and thorough.  Clarus is not the only innovative cloud vendor doing this, we are one of many. The cloud is happening, and it is happening now. […]

You Like the Clarus Blog, But what do we Sell?

Travelling around Asian financial centres, I frequently meet people that read the Clarus Blog and I often get asked “You have great blog articles and free research but what do you sell?”. In my article today, I will answer this question. First, Some Info Our weekly newsletter gets published, rain or shine, every Wednesday at […]

Enterprise Software Vendor to a Cloud Service

I recently joined Clarus Financial Technology after 15 years of working for one of the premier enterprise software companies in capital markets. My first month has been an eye-opening experience in the stark difference in how cloud vendors operate and what this means for employees and customers. Below is a short summary of what I […]

Clarus Top Blogs of 2017

For my last blog article of 2017, I  wanted to highlight our top blogs and view statistics for the year. Top 10 New Blogs in 2017 Starting with the most popular new blogs that we published this year.. Mechanics of Cross Currency Swaps MiFiD II: Instrument Reference Data Bitcoin meets OTC Derivatives Basel III Leverage Ratio FRTB […]

Free Trials, Analytics, Data and More

We now offer self-registered free trials for a number of new products. This is something we have always done for our Data products. A pre-requisite is that a product has to be so well designed that a user can access and starting using, without having to read a user guide and he/she can use with […]

We are expanding in Asia

And opening an office in Singapore. While we have had customers in Asia Pacific for a while now, we have not had a physical presence. So I am pleased that Mark Bell has agreed to join and lead our efforts in the region. Having worked with Mark before and seen the difference he makes, it is […]

Clarus Top Blogs of 2016

For my last blog article of 2016, I would like to highlight our top blogs and themes of the year. Top 10 New Blogs in 2016 First the new blogs that we published in 2016. FRTB – What You Need to Know FCM Rankings – Q1 2016 Margin Valuation Adjustment FRTB – Internal Models or Standardised Approach FCM […]