Euribor Reform – What Is Going On?

European Money Markets Institute (EMMI) announced on Thursday 5th May that they will reconsider their plans to move Euribor to an entirely transaction-based fixing. It was previously expected that the current quotation-based system would change sometime this year to a transaction-based fixing. The EMMI now plans to look into creating a hybrid quotation/transaction fixing as […]

How Big Is The Asset Swap Market?

We identify Asset Swaps trading in USD and EUR in the SDR data. Different types of Asset Swap package are active across different markets. Understanding these differences allows us to examine the data accurately. In the US, about 15% by risk of Libor-based swaps are linked to Asset Swaps. In Europe, over 90% of non-standard Euribor-based swaps are […]

Microservices for absolute beginners

After a career in Capital Markets enterprise software, I recently joined Clarus and other than their great blogs, my reason for joining is that I buy into the vision of cloud based technology as the future for our domain. Micro-services delivering sophisticated analytical computation, easily consumed into a firms existing infrastructure, applications and Excel, will be […]

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