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Introducing the new Clarus Daily Briefing. Curated market information direct to your inbox. Swap rates, volumes and Central Bank rate expectations every day. Make sense of daily trading activity in less than 2 minutes. We offer a free two-week trial before your paid subscription starts. Daily Market Commentary We always aim to improve the general […]

Margin for Non-Cleared Derivatives

Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) for IM have now been in force for one year The ISDA Margin Survey 2017 provides a snapshot of IM delivered and received $47.2 billion and $46.6 billion respectively, between Phase One firms (March 31, 2017) I look at how the figures compare to an $800 billion estimate from 2012 What […]

CME Halts CDS – Where’s The CDS Business?

Last week, CME announced it would end it’s clearing offering for Credit Default Swaps, and instead focus it’s effort on other innovations in clearing services for Interest Rate and FX, including: FX Options launched by 2017 year end Interest Rate swaps for 3 more currencies – CNY, CLP, and COP by early 2018 Further capital […]