How to Fix the Broken MAT Process

aka “What I learned at the CFTC Roundtable” This past week, Amir sat on a panel at the CFTC to discuss everything MAT.  I sat in the audience and heckled.  And took notes.  I will share those with you below. BACKGROUND If you are an avid reader of our blogs, you’d know we’ve been tracking […]

What I learned at SEFCON 5

I had my doubts about SEFCON 5.  I had even told one of the sponsors weeks in advance, tongue in cheek, “SEF’s are live and ticking, what’s there to talk about?”  I knew better, and I indeed learned a few things. I’ll detail a few of the hot topics.  Many of these came up multiple […]

CFTC Technology Advisory Committee Meeting on June 3, 2014

Tod presented ‘SEF Trading Overview and Participation’ at the CFTC Technology Advisory Committee meeting last week. To our delight the meeting has been recorded and is available on youtube (SEF section starts at 2.00.00)   The presentation slides are available for download here, although for convenience we have embedded in this post below. SEF Trading […]

FIA Chicago Expo: Day 2

Day 2 of FIA Expo is complete, and it was another good one. ATTENDANCE Second days of conferences are typically less-attended, I would guess for the following reasons: People get their meetings done early and catch flights back home They can’t afford to be out of the office that long Day 1 party takes a […]

FIA Chicago Expo: Day 1

Day 1 of the FIA Chicago Expo is complete.  I’ll recount what I can remember of it! OPENING SESSION:  GENSLER I came in mid-way through Chairman Gensler’s speech in the morning (had to check my coat, get a coffee, and ran into some folks en route).  I’ve seen the Chairman speak before and I’m not […]

FIA Chicago Expo: Day 0

The annual FIA Expo event is in Chicago this week.  Officially it is a two-day event, commencing with a dinner on Tuesday, and running through Thursday.  Days 1 and 2 refer to Wednesday and Thursday, so I suppose today (Tuesday Nov 5) is day 0? The FIA took the liberty of organizing an IT SEF […]

Competition | June 10 Prediction | The Results

Today ClarusFT (and OTC Space) announce the result of our competition to predict the impact of the Dodd-Frank Act mandatory clearing deadline of June 10th. The question we posed was the following: What do you predict will be the gross notional remaining of Uncleared USD IR Swaps FixedFloat in the week of 10th – 14th June 2013, as reported to […]

Win a Nexus 7, Kindle Fire or Apple iPad mini

The Dodd-Frank Act has a mandatory clearing deadline of June 10th for Category 2 entities (hedge funds, non-swap dealer banks) We are asking the following question: What do you predict will be the gross notional remaining of Uncleared USD IR Swaps FixedFloat in the week of 10th – 14th June 2013, as reported to the USD […]

markit Financial Markets Reform Conference – The Highlights

Attended the annual markit customer conference in London today, titled Financial Markets Reform. These are my notes. Large turnout, at least 500 if not more. Every seat with a keypad device for voting, 1,2,3,..9 for questions asked in realtime by the compere, very cool, audience participation always helps in engagement and staying focused. Four panels and […]