Clarus Goes Podcasting – What Do You Think?

Amir and I have taken the bold decision to dip our toes into podcasts. For the foreseeable future, we will be giving you a verbal update on the blogs (and what doesn’t make the blogs) once a week. It gives us a chance to quiz each other (in the nicest possible way) about what we have written and introduce a new way for our readers to learn about markets, regulations and data.

The podcast can be accessed below. Remember to like and subscribe!



The format of the podcast will evolve over the coming weeks, and it would be great to hear what our readers think in the early days – feel free to comment (both good and bad!) at the bottom of this post. The plan is to provide short content based on the weekly blogs that we already publish. This will;

  • Provide a new way to consume the Clarus blog posts.
  • Allow a way to catch-up on missed blogs.
  • Hear some of the stuff that doesn’t make our editorial cut.
  • Witness some of the questions that the authors have on each other’s posts.

Fear not – I do not think the Podcast will ever replace the blogs – which will stay right here on the Clarus website.

For those who may have forgotten, our first Podcast aired almost a year ago and looked at a specific subject – SACCR and regulatory capital. A fairly dry topic, but it received a positive response from listeners, and Amir and I found it useful to have a conversational format to discuss the topic. You can listen below:

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