Getting started with LaTeX in WordPress

To get started with writing math within WordPress, I thought I would try using the JetPack plugin, it appeared to be the easiest to install (hosting on bluehost). This was not a good use of time, I should have just tried to get mathjax up and running, which in the end was not too complicated. There is the hacker approach of editing directly the header.php so that  mathjax is loaded in every page, this was quick and easy, but it is worth taking the time to install the plugin so that only pages containing math load the mathjax script. This is the plugin I installed and it works well.

This is an example of mathjax rendering.

$$\nu:=\max\left(-1+\epsilon, \min\left(\frac{F_0-K}{C+P}, 1-\epsilon\right)\right)$$

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