Clarus Excel Add-In

Getting Started Guide

  • Clarus Excel Add-in creates a CLARUS function in Excel.
  • This communicates with our secure cloud-hosted analytics.
  • Delivering instant and easy to use performance to your Excel workbooks.

1. Download the Clarus Add-in for Excel

Works with Windows Excel Versions 2010, 2013, 2016.

Remember you must have registered first!

2. Install the Excel Add-In

We recommend that you save the Clarus Excel Add-in file to the XLSTART folder. This ensures that the CLARUS function is available at start-up of every Excel session. It also means that you can download our example workbooks.

Note: This folder might be hidden, in which case you will need to use View and tick the Hidden items option and you may need to create the XLSTART sub-directory.

3. Check Your References

The add-in requires certain VBA functionality to be activated.  First, open the VBA editor (on the Developer toolbar, Visual Basic button  , or press ALT+F11). Then, select the References item from the “Tools” menu in the “Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications” window:

We recommend that the following references in the VBA editor window are ticked.

4. Type in CLARUS

If all of the above has been successful, when you start to type in “Clar…” you should see the following in Excel:


5. Download a Sample Workbook

Each Sheet in the Workbook shows a simple use case.

Further documentation is in our blogs, under the category ISDA SIMM.

6. Login and Save your Username and Password

The first time one of our sample workbooks successfully communicates with our servers, you will be asked to provide your username and password. This Excel authentication allows you to tick “Remember my credentials” to make your life nice and easy.

7. Master the Three Finger Salute

The Clarus function will return an array (matrix) of data. The function must therefore be entered as an “array formula” in Excel using CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER, which we like to call the Three Finger Salute.

To work with array formulas, we find it best to first highlight the area in your spreadsheet that you want the CLARUS function to return data to. Then type in the CLARUS function you require (e.g. =CLARUS(“SIMM”,”Margin”, A1:B1)), confirming the formula with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. This will add in curly braces {} to the formula. You cannot type the {} manually, they must be generated by Excel using the Three Finger Salute.


8. Questions or Need Help?

Please email us at [email protected]