IR Swap Prices on Reuters, Bloomberg and SDR

SDRView Pro shows the latest IR Swap trade prices reported to US Swap Data Repositories with a 15-minute snap of prices from ICAP.


However this requires a user to use a Web browser and login to the SDRView application.

We have all heard how difficult it is to get screen real-estate on a traders desktop; even with the standard six monitor configuration. Well I can testify that it is indeed very difficult.

So we now offer the same data direct to the Reuters and Bloomberg screens used by Swap Professionals.

Current Subscribers to the RCM19901 and SwapPX Services, now have access to a new display, 19982 and GPX282.  This shows real-time ICAP levels alongside last trade prices and volumes from SDRs, as below.


From which we can see for USD IR Swaps:

  • Tenor and Semi-Bond Mid Prices from ICAP
  • Last Trade Price for a USD Vanilla Spot start 3M Libor vs Fixed On SEF and Cleared Swap
  • The Time of this trade
  • Number of trades reported and Volume in Millions (Capped for Blocks)
  • Average Price of these trades

Subscribers to the RCM19901 and SwapPX Services may also consume this real-time data direct in their Excel Spreadsheets.

And the display on Bloomberg:



While SDRView Pro provides great features such as a trade list ticker, volume by tenor, graphs, drill-down, intra-day trends, the fact is it requires significant screen real-estate on one of the six monitors used by Swap Professionals.

So in partnership with ICAP, we are now making the SDR data available on Reuters and Bloomberg.

Existing Subscribers to the 19901 and SwapPX services, can now see SDR trade prices alongside real-time indicative quotes from ICAP.

A screen with pre-trade and post-trade prices updating in real-time.

If you have access to these services, we encourage you to goto <19982> or <GPX282> on Thomson Reuters or GVSW <GO> SwapPX SB vs SDR Last Trade Summary on Bloomberg.

Try them out and please give us your feedback.

Transparency is important in the functioning of liquid markets.

We are pleased to contribute in more widely distributing information extracted from data reported to SDRs.


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