CDSIndex Volumes: A Year to Date Review

Reading a Bloomberg article today, Swaps Boom is Unintended Consequence of New Curbs on Wall Street, it seems that instead of trading investment-grade bonds themselves investors are increasingly turning to derivatives. The reason given that they cannot get quickly in and out of cash bonds as dealers are pulling back from debt trading. While the figures quoted in […]

CDSIndex On SEF Volumes after MAT

February 27, 2014 was the Made Available Trade (MAT) determination date for CDSIndex contracts based on the TradeWeb submission. Similar to my recent article on Interest Rate Swaps, I will look at what the volumes show.   Which products are MAT? Two North American Indices: CDX.NA.IG.5Y and CDX.NA.HY.5Y Two European Indices: iTraxx Europe 5Y and […]

CDSIndex trading on SEF Platforms

As we recently released the CDSIndex product in SDRView Professional, I decided to look at what the SDR data shows.   CDS Index NA Lets start with a chart of the daily volumes on 24 Jan 2014, of the major North American indices; IG, HY and EM. This shows the following: IG 5Y (Dec18) has […]