MiFID II Best Execution RTS27 – What the Data Shows

MiFID II Best Execution RTS27, requires Trading Venuesand Systemic Internalisers (SIs) to make public relevant data on the execution quality for financial instruments subject to the trading obligation. This data is published quarterly, with a quarterly lag, so the Best Execution reports for 1Q 2018 are now available from many MTFs, OTFs and SIs. In […]

MIFID II Data – It’s Finally Good News!

The availability of MIFID II data has been one of our hot topics in 2018. We’ve aired our frustrations previously. Happily, MIFID II data is about to become truly accessible to all. Find out how and why below. Questions and Answers ESMA have just released an updated “Questions and Answers On MiFID II and MiFIR […]

Identifiers, Identifiers, Everywhere

Anyone working in Capital Markets technology cannot have failed to notice the increase in global identifiers; they now seem to be everywhere for all manner of use cases, some mandatory others best practice. Often a new identifier is held up as a solution to an existing data problem and is promulgated by regulators as a […]

MIFID II Data – APA Market Share

MIFID II transparency is still falling well short of what the market needs. We can only estimate APA market share using a highly manual process. Our team have gathered data from the 5 largest APAs. We look at market shares across Sovereign Bonds. Same old gripes As we all know, MIFID II transparency is still […]

MIFID II Data – Bond Trading

We analyse sovereign bond trading volumes from Bloomberg and Tradeweb APAs and MTFs. Tradeweb APA sees the largest volume of trades. MTF market shares are roughly 50/50 between these two D2C platforms. 67% of German Bund volumes were executed on-venue. Only 18% of French OAT volumes were executed on-venue. Bond Trading by Venue Armed with […]

MiFID II – NEX APA Public Trade Data

NEX Regulatory Reporting operates a MiFID II APA and it is great that their public website now supports a Market Identifier Code (MIC) level search for post-trade data, which is then easily exportable into a csv file. Brilliant. Lets take a look at the data available. NEX APA The public website is here and selecting Trades shows […]

Clarus Daily Briefing

Our Clarus Daily Briefing is *FREE*. It provides a summary of price moves, volume trends and central bank expectations. Bringing you information about Swap markets straight to your inbox. Is your firm interested in sponsoring the Daily Briefing? If so, reach out to us. The FREE Clarus Daily Briefing Every morning, Clarus deliver our Daily […]

Tradeweb and Bloomberg MTF Market Share

Thanks to Tradeweb and Bloomberg for providing transparent data for January trading across their MTFs. Our analysis shows a 50/50 market share for D2C IRS trading. We have so far only looked at Interest Rate Swaps. Our analysis shows that 37% of customer EUR IRS trading is happening on-venue. MIFID Data…but first… We currently have […]

Tradeweb APA Data and the Trading Obligation

Well done Tradeweb for making APA and MTF data available to Clarus for analysis. Our APA analysis casts transparency over the off-venue market for the first time. 7,000 IRS trades, over €800bn in notional and €400m in DV01 to look at. We take this data to estimate the uptake of the European Trading Obligation in […]