Free Trials, Analytics, Data and More

We now offer self-registered free trials for a number of new products.

This is something we have always done for our Data products.

A pre-requisite is that a product has to be so well designed that a user can access and starting using, without having to read a user guide and he/she can use with real-world data.

As consumers we take this for granted in the Apps we install on our phones.

Isn’t it time we expected this from the applications we use for work?

Clarus now offers this for our Analytics products.

Clicking More>> takes you to a page with more details on the specific product.

Where you can


Create an account, get an activation email, download an Excel workbook, and follow the Get Started steps to start using the functionality.

Once you have used our sample data, it is easy to copy and paste in your own data and make real-world use.

The Excel workbooks are not just to evaluate functionality, but fully functional products in their own right.

For use in the test phase of a project or in production for users that need analytics in their workbooks.

In the same manner you can also self-register and try out Clarus Microservices.

We provide everything you need to evaluate in your browser:

  • code examples you can run in-place,
  • a sandbox for you to use sample data files,
  • advanced code examples,
  • the ability to upload your own data.

Next it is easy to move to your desktop and use the language of your choice (Python, R, Julia, Java …) to integrate Clarus Microservices into your software infrastructure.

What are you waiting for?

We have made it as simple as possible.

You can simply create an account and try the product you are interested in.

Any of our Data, Excel or Microservices products.

(No competitors please, we will only have to reject you.)

It does not require a big investment of your time.

No Sales guy will call you, unless you ask us to.

You will get a few emails from us, to help you along.

And once you decide to buy, we also promise to make that easy.

No upfront cost and complex negotiations and lengthy implementation.

A monthly fee, fair and simple paperwork and get started on Day 1.

P.S. Please forward this to your colleagues, if you think they would be interested.

Final Thoughts

Its time our industry moved on from RFPs, presentations and workshops. Who wants to go through all that process, just to pick the least objectionable product? And when it arrives on your desktop, a year or so later at best, your requirements have evolved, you regret the whole process and start again from scratch. 🙁 Certainly not us and I hope not you.

Its time our industry caught up with consumer Apps.

Search for an application for a specific task, download it, try it and purchase.

Repeat for the next task.

Thats it.

Start your journey.

Try one of our Data, Excel or Microservices products.

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