2023 CCP Volumes and Share in CRD and FXD

A review of Credit Derivatives (CRD) and FX Derivatives (FXD) volumes and market share at Clearing Houses (CCPs) in 2023. All the charts and detail from CCPView. Credit Derivatives Volume USD CDX, CDS and Swaptions CDX volumes at $11 trillion, representing 89% of USD volume with single-name 9% and CDXSwaptions just 1%. Market Share of USD […]

Can the UK get transparency right?

Happy New Year everyone. My New Year has started by tackling 172 pages of FCA consultation – lucky me! In Summary Context The UK rules for pre- and post-trade transparency were largely inherited from MIFID II post-Brexit. In case any of our readers are not familiar with MIFID II transparency – it doesn’t work. We […]

2023 CCP Volumes and Share in IRD

2023 volumes and market share for OTC Derivatives in Interest Rates reported by Clearing Houses. Clarus CCPView has daily volume and open interest data published by each CCP, which is filtered, normalised and aggregated to allow meaningful analysis and comparisons. Contents: Onto the charts, data and details. Volumes and Market Share For major currencies and regions, vanilla swaps referencing IBORs and […]

Our Top Blogs of 2023

For our first blog this year, I wanted to highlight our top blogs of 2023 and share a few statistics. Top New Blogs in 2023 Starting with a list of the most popular new blogs that we published in 2023. The top 5 with > 8,000 views and a total of 20,000 views for the […]

A Final Check-In On RFRs For The Year

This is my final blog for the year, but the 2023 retrospectives will have to wait for January once all of the data is in. However, as the year draws to a close, I doubt 2023 will be remembered as the year that USD LIBOR finally ceased. That has to be considered a good thing. […]

What is the latest European plan to onshore rates trading?

Almost exactly a year ago, the EU proposed requiring market participants subject to a clearing obligation to clear a portion of the products that have been identified by ESMA as of substantial systemic importance through active accounts at EU CCPs.
The unknown in the past 12 months has been how the EU will define the “Active Account Requirement (AAR)”. In the past few days […]

What You Need to Know About INR Swaps

Where do INR Swaps Rank on the Global Picture? CCPView allows us to compare the relative size of INR swap markets to other currencies. Taking out the “G6” – USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD and JPY – we see the below: Showing; Let’s look further into the INR Swaps market. Two Thirds of Cleared Volumes are […]

Time Series of Swap Prices and Volumes

Analysing existing datasets in new and novel ways, often throws up interesting insights and questions which help with our understanding of the real world and in turn help us to make better decisions. Today I wanted to showcase a new feature in SDRView, that demonstrates this, the Ticker Summary View. SDRView has transaction level data […]