Have You Listened to our new Podcast yet?

The first Clarus podcast is out – please take a listen!


You may have noticed that we’ve had reason to celebrate a few milestones on the blog over the past year:

  1. 1,000 blogs on Clarus
  2. 400 blogs for both Chris and Amir

With the blog continuing to be well received and well read (even though the pace of regulatory change has reduced this year) we thought it time to branch out into new formats. We are not quite at the “talking heads” stage of youtube videos (hit us up if you want to see that 😛 )- but dipping our toes into podcasting seems to make sense.

What Topic to Choose?

We looked at what have been our most successful blogs this year, and SACCR is way out ahead as a topic of choice. The problems with SACCR and podcasts are multiple however:

  1. Will people listen to a monologue about regulatory capital? Probably not.
  2. Do people want to hear about the maths and details of equations in podcast format? Probably not.
  3. How do you find a balance for listeners who know what regulatory capital is and those who have not heard of SACCR before?

Those thoughts created a SACCR podcast that:

  1. Is structured more as a conversation between Amir and I. Hopefully, not too many lengthy monologues made it through the editing process.
  2. Relies on references to the blog for readers interested in details/calculation specifics.
  3. Talks about impacts on markets and market participants which should be accessible to all.

How to follow our podcasts?

Working with the great team at Ion, they have created a nice little landing page for us under their “Markets ConversatION” podcast:

Here, you can choose to listen to the podcast and subscribe to the feed. It’s also available on your preferred platform – just follow the links.

Whilst the transcript is available to read, we certainly encourage you to listen instead. We broadly cover:

  • The need for regulatory capital
  • SACCR and leverage ratio
  • Risk sensitive models
  • Netting risk under SACCR
  • FX
  • Optimisation

Was It a Success?

We will leave it to our listeners to let us know! We probably chose a tricky topic to start with, but if we can write widely read blogs about regulations and create a following, we believe we can add the same amount of transparency to other topics – just using a different medium this time.

Watch this space for more podcasts as we record them. I don’t think we will ever be targeting one a week though!

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One thought on “Have You Listened to our new Podcast yet?

  1. Thanks for adding another venue to understand better about the market and regulations. Congratulations for the wonderful initiative.
    It will be great if your place could provide insights and coverage in the following area:
    – FX SWAP liquidity and how it has taken shape for funding / liquidity in different in current volatile markets. Any potential indicators which could be used to signal stress conditions for a specific or general market
    – Treasury Market Liquidity and potential challenges in accessing market in stressed market

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