Our Top Blogs of 2023

For our first blog this year, I wanted to highlight our top blogs of 2023 and share a few statistics.

Top New Blogs in 2023

Starting with a list of the most popular new blogs that we published in 2023.

The top 5 with > 8,000 views and a total of 20,000 views for the list below.

If you have not read one or more of these blogs, please click on a title of interest.

12022 CCP volumes and market share in IRD
2Clearing houses are about to convert your usd libor swaps
3Swap markets in China – what you should know
4Deutsche Bank credit default swaps
5Average and term SOFR volumes in 2022
6Now everyone can understand bank capital requirements
7A new look at ESTR futures
8What you need to know about BRL swaps
9Clearing of US Treasuries – what are people saying
102Q23 CCP volumes and share in IRD
11ISDA SIMM – what changes in v2.6
12Central clearing of bonds and repos
131Q23 CCP volumes and share in IRD
14Bollinger Greenspan and the millenium bug libor is now dead
15SOFR swap volumes and share july 2023
16How to trade a bank run

(Note: Blogs published earlier in the 2023 are more likely to be higher in the rankings as had have more time to accumulate views than more recent blogs).

Top Blogs in 2023

Next the blogs that we published in earlier years, ranked by their views in the year 2023. These evergreen blogs get views each day, mostly via Google search and have become prime reference articles on a topic.

The top five with > 27,000 views and a cumulative 72,000 views for these top 25 blogs.

RankTitle2022 Rank
1array formulas in excel1
2sofr and fedfunds rate comparison2
3mechanics of cross currency swaps3
4settle to market what you need to know about stm4
5mechanics and definitions of spread and butterfly8
6frtb default risk charge6
7interest rate swaps made easy what you need to known/a
8mechanics and definitions of saccr part 1n/a
9sa ccr standardised approach counterparty credit risk5
10mechanics and definitions of carry in swap markets11
11sofr swap nuances9
12principal component analysis of the swap curve15
13frtb curvature charge14
14current exposure methodology what you need to know10
15the imm roll for swaps13
16saccr explaining the calculations7
17frtb excel calculator for the standarised approach21
18ois swap nuances20
19isda simm excel calculator16
20frtb internal models or standardised approach18
21risk participation agreements what are they17
22a dashboard for interest rate risk22
23saccr vs cem comparisons12
24brl interest rate swaps25
25cme lch basis for dummiesn/a

The top 4 exactly the same in 2023 as 2022, some moves up and down and 3 new entries in the list.

Categories and Topics

We published 86 new blogs in 2023 and the most active categories were:

These categories reflect not only our own interest but more importantly what our readers find to be of value based on the view statistics data that we collect.


This year we also started a regular podcast as part of ION Markets ConversatION.

Most of the episodes follow a 10 minute Quick Takes format with a discussion on a recent blog.

All episodes are available at Apple Podcasts and Spotify, with 29 currently published, of which 14 have been recorded by Chris and I as Quick Takes, mostly from October onwards.

It is great to see the listen statistics for these increasing over the past few months; the top 5 each with between 185 to 215 downloads are shown below ( with the links to Apple or Spotify).

1Using SACCR to monitor Counterparty Credit RiskAppleSpotify
2The truth about SONIA derivatives liquidityAppleSpotify
3ISDA SIMM – What changes in v2.6AppleSpotify
43Q23 CCP Volumes and Share in CRD and FXDAppleSpotify
53Q23 CCP Volumes and Share in IRDAppleSpotify

Website Statistics

Traffic on the Clarus website averaged 14,250 users a month in 2023.

  • We published 86 new blog articles in the year.
  • There are now 1,184 blog articles on our website,
  • 60 of these had > 500 views in 2023.

The Clarus website had 410,000 page views from 265,000 sessions in the year.

A Little Competition

If you have a long memory, you may recall we had a competition going at the start of 2023, which I reproduce from my January 2023 blog below:

Those who bet on Chris did well.

The curent scores are Chris with 456 and Amir with 452 (as of 31 Dec 2023).

I have gone from being up 3 to down 4 in 12 months, a move of 7.

Still, all to play for in 2024.

Place your bets again.

Final Thoughts

We strive each week to create original content that educates, informs and interests our readers.

We hope to continue to do the same in 2024.

It is gratifying that the data shows that so many of you follow the Clarus blog.

And more recently listen to our Podcast.

We hope you will continue to do so.

If you don’t already, please sign up for the weekly email here.

You don’t want to miss out on what your peers are reading.

And please recommend to your colleagues to sign up too.

Your support and comments are much appreciated.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

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