Top Blogs of 2021

For our first blog this year, I wanted to highlight our top blogs of 2021 and share a few statistics.

Top New Blogs in 2021

Starting with a list of the most popular new blogs that we published in 2021.

The top four with > 2,000 views each and a total of 30,000 views for the list.

If you have not read one of these blogs or need a refresher, please click on one or more of the titles below.

1mechanics and definitions of rfr cross currency swaps
22020 ccp volumes and market share in ird
3sofr first live blog
4archegos trade repositories and initial margin
5sofr swaptions and capsfloors are now trading regularly
6sofr first day two
7sofr first week one
8sonia is now the benchmark rate in gbp markets
9august 2021 what happened
10new brexit rules move 4 trn of derivatives to the us
11cross currency swap review 2020
12potential challenges of a synthetic libor
13sofr now 78 of interdealer market
14sofr futures and swaps feb 2021
152020 sef market share statistics
16swaption volumes by strike q1 2021
17cleared swap volumes and share 1q 2021
18cessation of libor why is so much new risk still being transacted
19clearing mandates and new trading obligations
20esg investments a first look at the detail

6 of our top 20 blogs with SOFR in the title, a further 6 on or related to Risk Free Rates, highlighting the huge focus on IBOR transition this year.

Top Blogs in 2021

Next the blogs that we published in earlier years, ranked by their views in the year 2021. These evergreen blogs get views each day, mostly via Google search and have become prime reference articles on the topic.

The top five with > 5,000 views each, the next five with > 4,000 views, four with > 3,000 views, six with > 2,000 views and a cumulative 100,000 views for these top 25 blogs.

If you interested in one of these and have not already read or need a refresher, please click on the title below.

1array formulas in excel
2mechanics of cross currency swaps
3saccr vs cem comparisons
4sa ccr standardised approach counterparty credit risk
5settle to market what you need to know about stm
6the imm roll for swaps
7mechanics and definitions of spread and butterfly
8frtb default risk charge
9current exposure methodology what you need to know
10sofr swap nuances
11sofr and fedfunds rate comparison
12saccr explaining the calculations
13ois swap nuances
14mechanics and definitions of carry in swap markets
15frtb curvature charge
16frtb excel calculator for the standarised approach
17principal component analysis of the swap curve
18exploring seasonality in a time series with rs ggplot
19frtb internal models or standardised approach
20isda simm excel calculator
21risk participation agreements what are they
22cross currency swap conventions in an rfr world
23a dashboard for interest rate risk
24cme lch basis for dummies
25ester what you need to know

All but 3 of these were also in our Top 25 in 2020, but the positions have changed; the top two swapping positions, the SOFR ones higher, sa-ccr and frtb similar positions.

The top 5 with a cumulative 38,000 views and an average time on the page of between 3 to 7 minutes, making the cumulative time a staggering 3,200 hours.

Incredible, who would have thought that these blogs would prove so popular year after year.

Categories and Topics

We published 75 new blogs in 2021 and the most active categories were:

These categories reflect not only our own interest but more importantly what our readers find to be of value based on the view statistics data that we collect.

ISDA-Clarus RFR Adoption Indicator

Another noteworthy page on our website is the charts and data for the ISDA-Clarus RFR Adoption Indicator. On the day that ISDA publish the monthly indicator, we get 5,000 to 6,000 pageviews from users wanting to view the charts or download the data.

The increasing trend from 10% in April to 26% in November augurs well for the success of IBOR transition.

If you have not seen this page, I would encourage you to view, particularly when the December indicator is published next week.

Website Statistics

Traffic on the Clarus website averaged 19,800 users a month in 2021, up from 18,500 users in 2020.

Key Statistics:

  • We published 75 new blog articles in the year.
  • There are now 1,020 blog articles on our website,
  • 70 of these had > 1,000 views in 2021.
  • We had > 900 unique users on 132 unique days in the year,
  • The highest single day with 7,200 users,
  • The highest week with 10,370 users.
  • In 2021 our website had 500,000 page views,
  • From 330,000 sessions and 215,000 users,
  • And the cumulative time spent was 6,600 hours.

That’s enough statistics for today.

While Chris or I have written or read the vast majority of those 1,020 blogs, our memory means we have probably forgotten 80% of what we have written. Just need to find time to read some of them again and the Top 20 lists above are a good place to start.

Final Thoughts

We strive each week to create original content that educates, informs and interests readers.

We hope to continue to do the same in 2022.

It is gratifying that the data shows that so many of you follow the Clarus blog.

We hope you will continue to do so.

If you don’t already, please sign up for the weekly email here.

You don’t want to miss out on what your peers are reading.

And please recommend to your colleagues to sign up too.

Your support and comments are much appreciated.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

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