Our Top Blogs and Stats of 2020

For our last blog of the year, I wanted to highlight our top blogs and share a few statistics.

Top New Blogs in 2020

Starting with a list of the most popular new blogs that we published in 2020.

The top three with > 2,000 views each and a total of 30,000 views for the list.

If you have not read one of these blogs or need a refresher, please click on one or more of the titles below.

1cross currency swaps trading during a crisis
2sofr swap nuances
3what has happened to usd libor fallback spreads
4libor discontinuation has been preannounced
5mechanics of central bank fx swap lines
62019 sef market share statistics
7cross currency swap conventions in an rfr world
8sonia term rates which is best
9will gbp libor stop trading on 2nd march 2020
10moving from libor to sofr sonia buyside considerations
11usd swap markets during covid 19 pandemic
12libor pre-cessation announcement risk challenges for derivatives
13isda fallback spreads predicted and alternative
14spreadovers vs sofr
15what you need to know about mxn swaps
16will anyone trade libor after 2021
17sonia day live blog
18us treasury volumes and market size
19procyclical margins in the time of covid 19
20sofr swaps and sef venues

13 of our top 20 blogs are on IBOR Transition and Risk Free Rates (e.g. SOFR, SONIA,…), highlighting the importance of IBOR transition to our readers.

Top Blogs in 2020

Next the blogs that we published in earlier years, ranked by their views in the year 2020. These evergreen blogs get views each day, mostly via Google search and have become prime reference articles on the topic.

The top four with > 5,000 views each, the next four with > 4,000 views, the rest with > 2,000 views each and a cumulative 95,000 views for these 25 blogs.

If you interested in one of these and have not already read or need a refresher, please click on the title below.

1mechanics of cross currency swaps
2array formulas in excel
3sa-ccr standardised approach counterparty credit risk
4settle to market what you need to know about stm
5current exposure methodology what you need to know
6sofr and fedfunds rate comparison
7frtb default risk charge
8mechanics and definitions of spread and butterfly swap packages
9the imm roll for swaps – what is it and what are the volumes
10saccr vs cem comparisons
11ois swap nuances
12exploring seasonaility in a time series with rs ggplot
13saccr explaining the calculations
14ester what you need to know
15risk participation agreements what are they
16principal component analysis of the swap curve
17mechanics and definitions of carry in swap markets
18frtb internal models or standardised approach
19isda simm excel calculator
20sofr discounting for cleared swaps
21frtb excel calculator for the standarised approach
22frtb curvature risk charge
23fed fund swap nuances
24cme lch basis for dummies
25brl interest rate swaps

A cumulative 30,000 views for the top 4 and each with between 4 to 7 mins of average time on the page. The cumulative time spent on just these four is a staggering 2,800 hours!

Incredible, who would have thought that such topics would prove so popular and be so year after year.

Categories and Topics

Our most active categories were:

These categories reflect not only our own interest but more importantly what our readers find to be of value based on the view statistics data that we collect.

Website Statistics

Traffic on the Clarus website averaged 18,500 users and 43,000 page views a month during 2020.

Key Statistics:

  • We published 102 new blog articles in the year.
  • There are now 948 articles on our website.
  • 90 of these had > 1,000 views in 2020.
  • We had > 900 unique users on 126 unique days in the year,
  • The highest single day with 6,375 users,
  • The highest week with 10,200 users.
  • For the year our website had 500,000 page views,
  • From 320,000 sessions and 190,000 users.
  • The cumulative time spent by all users was 7,500 hours.

A phenomenal amount of time.

Final Thoughts

We strive each week to create original content that educates, informs and interests readers.

We hope to continue to do the same in 2021.

It is gratifying that the data shows that so many of you follow the Clarus blog.

We hope you will continue to do so.

If you don’t already, please sign up for the weekly email here.

You don’t want to miss out on what your peers are reading.

And please recommend to your colleagues to sign up too.

Your support and comments are much appreciated.

After a strange and tragic year, with the pandemic and loss.

We look forward to a much better 2021.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

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